Gurl Party

by Nap & The Secret Wands

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Dedicated to gurl parties happening all across the world.


released July 6, 2015

Dylan - guitar, vox
Vern - bass
Andy - drums

*all songs written by Dylan Kern except "Shigh" written by Stephen Curley and Dylan Kern

recorded by Jessie "Sweetheart" Mansfield



all rights reserved


Nap & The Secret Wands Hattiesburg, Mississippi

gurls + songs = party

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Track Name: Shigh
lets get high
everyday and night
blows my mind
when youre doing it right

and she knows im the one that she will love
when were stoned everything is so much fun

i know why
youre acting so shy
ruby red eyes
youre too high
Track Name: Bar Band Champion
i dont really know how to play guitar
i just wanna go and get drunk at the bar
tonight all night aww yeah
i dont really know what im gonna do
wanna hang out makin out with you
tonight all night aww yeah

it comes naturally

i dont really get to meet the ladies
i am just to fucking lazy a
and stoned im stoned aww yeah
i dont really wanna tag along
rather stay at home and rip on the bong
im stoned so stoned aww yeah

it comes naturally

we dont really get to meet the ladies cause were stoned
Track Name: Gurl
what do you want
is the world or my coat

i knew someone just like you in my head
she was perfect
i knew someone way back when in my bed
she was perfect

what do you need
was it something in your dreams
Track Name: Gurl Party
hang out there all the time
smoke weed, cigarettes, drink wine
get high everyday every single day

and you know
that you want to go
to the gurl party

bikinis and a slip n slide
want to find your way inside
up her inner thigh find another way

Track Name: Stark Naked Gurls
stark naked was the way i saw her
that very first night
she climbed in through the window
over again

i hope shes there
with her groovy hair

stark naked was the way she saw me
that very first night
she came alive as i arrived in magical ways
on psychedelic wings
Track Name: Alternative Gurls
alternative gurls
wearing choker necklaces
trying to bounce around

and i see her dolphin tattoo
and i wonder if its 1992

alternative gurls
wearing striped tshirts
i hope your favorite band is Weezer

alternative gurls
Track Name: Nu Gurl
you were the nu gurl
in this town
you gotta move on down gurl
get around

you know they know you are a gurl
Track Name: Cinema Gurl
hanging out in the parking lot
drinking whiskey and smoking pot
she wants to sit through
all of the previews yeah

i dont know why she
wants to hang out with me
everybody wants to be her

and then she looks at you
you know that love is true
when she says its not over
Track Name: Stoner Gurl
french inhales a plum of smoke
deep inside her lovely lungs
kisses me and exhales slow
peeling off all her clothes

high, stoner gurl
shes high, stoner gurl

and i know when shes in love again
when she needs me to be more than friends

love and drugs is all she needs
taking in all that she pleases
love and drugs is all she wants
never gets too comfortable
Track Name: Fiend
she likes speed and weed yeah
so she dont like me
when im keeping in quiet
libido lovers diet

my baby is not my baby now
shes a fiend

she likes holding me yeah
while we're unclean
i cant deny it
im on a powder diet

shes a fiend but shes your friend
Track Name: Stoner Romance
looking deeply in your eyes
i can tell that you are high
you look in mine see i am too
how we know that love is true

its a stoner romance
everybody loves that plant

i dont know what i could say
lost inside this lovers haze
i know something you do too
we are just way too blue
Track Name: Hot Air Balloon
i can see everyone from the hot air balloon
all the naked people
and everyone else too

i dont ever come down unless it is for her
float around all day staying on the curve

same old folks doing the same old thing
breaking news to me
break the news to me

and i feel like i know